Working on a new Version

27 November 2010

Just started reprogramming TOTH and FC to work with Win7 (64-bit) and the new Perseus Software and drivers. It will take a while but there will be definitely a new version in the next weeks.

Thanks for your emails

9 November 2009

First of all I have to say thanks for the emails  you wrote within the last months. Unfortunately I don’t have enough sparetime to improve the software before christmas-holidays. At the moment I’m going to change to operating systems of my computers to Windows 7 (64-bit) and that means that I will (have to) optimize the coming versions of TOTH-Recorder and FC for the use with Win7.

TOTH Recorder problem with wrong UTC – wintertime

27 October 2008

David reported a problem after changing to wintertime with the UTC-record entries. UTC is in some regions calculated in the wrong way, because of regional variables. Update will be available soon.

Please make your records using localtime until the update is available !